The Personal Data LifeCycle, sorted out by Pryv.

  • Does your system have interoperability capabilities to allow easy integration and manage diverse data-sets? Can it scale over time?
  • Does your system properly address all the current regulatory requirements? Are you ready to adapt to forthcoming changes?
  • Is your company prepared to efficiently handle users’ data requests: “where is my data? Who does access it? Can you delete it?”
  • Can you prove that you have executed your users’ rights and consent correctly?

Meet Simple, yet remarkably powerful personal data management platform.

  • Its data model is precisely designed to aggregate and distribute multiple sources of information. The API allows you to easily collect and store any type of personal data.
  • Dynamic consent and auditing capabilities ensure that beyond allowing your users to benefit from their lawful rights, you can prove that they were respected and executed rightly.
  • Decentralized and per-user data storage distribution are also included as must-have features to guarantee your business scalability across legal environments.

(1) Data Collection: Seamless connectivity, interoperability with no-limits.

  • Internet of things (IoT) devices
  • Mobile applications
  • Server-side data collection for web-enabled applications
  • Any other source

(2) Data Aggregation and Structure: All data is kept per-user, total control over privacy

(3) Data Storage: Decentralized design to span the globe with no bottleneck.

(4) Data Sharing: Dynamic Consent and Protected Access.

(5) Data Audit: Transparency at a glance.

(6) Data Retrieval: protected backups for your users.

(7) Data Deletion: Data erasure on demand — proven and safe.



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